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Innovative bonus and loyalty programs for your customers

Bonoox is an online service to launch and manage a loyalty programs through a personal account with use of points-coins issued on the Credits blockchain.

The program is based on the possibility to issue your own financial asset (token) in form of bonus points, coins or miles. Companies reward their customers for certain list of actions, motivating them to make more purchases of goods or services.

The key feature of Bonoox is that program points are similar to money. The buyer receives them and pays (returns) the company. This creates a new large customer engagement with new cases that greatly increase loyalty.

Bonoox's team of developers offers the services on the customization of your loyalty program in accordance with individual tariff plans.


Credits is an open source and decentralized blockchain platform for development and execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Credits company offers public and private solutions suitable for B2C and B2B markets eliminating the problems of trust and uncertainty. https://credits.com.

Commercial products https://creditsenterprise.com
Developer portal https://developers.credits.com/en/

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