Loyalty Program for your business

What is Bonoox?

Bonoox is a cloud service for launching your own loyalty program with a mobile application. A flexible reward system for regular customers (promotional codes, coupons, promotions, etc.) is available in the basic tariff plan.

With the help of Bonoox, you will be able to independently build communications with customers: collect a database, carry out mailings, stimulate purchases, inform about new products and so on. Customer information is your property and is available exclusively to you (in difference to coalition loyalty programs).

You will receive a ready-made boxpack solution with the possibility of customization to your requirements. Bonoox is useful for small companies that do not have an office and work on the Internet, as well as global companies that work with millions of customers.

Free mobile application

Get and use the mobile app (iOS and Android) for your loyalty program. With individual design and completely free.

Keep profitable customers

Bonoox will help to keep the most profitable customers and attract new ones by sharing loyalty points with existing customers.

Earn more

One dollar invested in a loyal customer can return 50 or even 100 dollars of profit. Provide the client with a small bonus and receive additional sales through regular returns.*

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Return lost customers

More than 70% of customers do not return. As a rule, more than 50% of the marketing budget is spent on attracting new customers. And you can easily keep a part of existing customers by spending 1-5% on them in the form of bonuses. *

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Use innovative technologies

Bonoox loyalty points released on the blockchain allow you to use completely new customer interaction mechanisms that were previously unavailable in other loyalty programs. *

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Depends on industry and case

Customer Relationship Management

Use all CRM functionality to customize and manage your loyalty program flexibly.

Create Points

Add Program

Add Shop

Exchange of loyalty points

Your clients will be able not only to accumulate and use points to buy goods or get discounts, but also to exchange them among themselves in one click. This will allow customers to take advantage of collectively accumulated points with greater benefit, as well as keep them from going to competitors.

Quick launch of new programs

Examine customers, test different motivation programs and find the best solutions for your business. Starting a new program for customers will take a minimum of effort and time.

Addresses of sales outlets

Tell the client online how to get to you faster, using all the possibilities of geotargeting

Direct connection with the customers

What do customers think about you? How satisfied are they with the quality of service? With Bonoox, you are always up to date with events, allowing customers to leave feedback, say a wish or tell about a problem anytime, anywhere.

Completed rate plans

Fully transparent rates with the absolutely free basic full option version, which you able to use any amount of time


Micro Business

  • Points - 1
  • Transactions 24h - 100
  • Customers - 1000
  • Stores - 1
  • Programs - 1


Small Business

  • Points - 2
  • Transactions 24h - 1000
  • Customers - 10000
  • Stores - 10
  • Programs - 5


Medium Business

  • Points - 5
  • Transactions 24h - 10000
  • Customers - 100000
  • Stores - 50
  • Programs - 10


Customized Solutions

  • Points - -
  • Transactions 24h - -
  • Customers - -
  • Stores - -
  • Programs - -
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